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PLAYBOY MAGAZINE - The Bunnies of Detroit

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Playmate of the Month Debbie Hooper. Interview Ramsay Clark by Tom Wicker. Personality "St. Thomas and the Dragon" (Tommy Smothers) by Richard Warren Lewis. Features "The Global Crunch" by U.S. Senator Frank Church "Gold" by Franz Pick "Grand Guignol on the Crand Canal" by Irwin Shaw "Living Theater: The Becks and Their Shock Troupe" by John Kobler "Custer Died for your Sins" by Vine Deloria Jr. The Bunnies of Detroit Ketty Tabor, Tammy Ralston, Regina Schrock, Ronnie Stekier, Jill Bruder, Sharron "Bunny Rabbit" McGregor, Susan Smith, Pam Paluch, Colleen Mullen, Andrea Lyn, Bambi Battiste, Pru Hill, Jadi Joe, Maria Gurley, Molly Ballantyne, Nancy Spiess, Sandy Berry, Kerrie Ferrell, Sandra Lawrence, Diane Rumble, Sandy Burniac, Liga Balodis and Dolly Tanaka. Models Actress Paula Kelly photographed by Lawrence Schiller. (Paula was the first model to show pubic hair in Playboy) Penny James photographed by Alexas Urba.

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Titre du Magazine PLAYBOY MAGAZINE
Numero Magazine 0
Année de publication 31 juil. 1969
Commentaire sur l'état de l'article POSTER INCLUS
Etat Magazine Bon état
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